1. Harsh damages.
    The ravages of war decimated the country: death, destruction and pestilence resulted from the bombings.

7 letters in word "ravages": A A E G R S V.

Anagrams of ravages:

Words found within ravages:

aa aas ae ag aga agar agars agas agave agaves age ager agers ages ags ar are area areas areg ares ars arse as asar asea ava avas ave aver avers aves avgas ea ear ears eas er era eras erg ergs ers es gae gaes gar gare gars gas gave gear gears grav grave graves gravs rag raga ragas rage rages rags ras rase ravage rave raves re reg regs res rev revs sae sag saga sage sager sar sarge savage save saver sea sear seg segar ser sera vae vaes var vara varas vare vares vars vas vasa vase veg vega vegas vegs vera vers